Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Going to Houston

I updated my Facebook friends a few weeks ago so I thought I would let my Blogger friends know too.  My  appointment in Houston is on August 1st at the Texas Fetal Center.  I have not been there yet but I already feel at ease going to them.  I will have a fetal MRI, echo, and ultrasound.  I will also get to meet up with a few dr's including a pediatric surgeon.  I hope they have more information for me than Lubbock did.  I also hope they can lay it all down a little gentler than in Lubbock also.

I still feel like I will refuse an amnio.  I am not 100% against it but I just feel like whatever the outcome is will not change anything so why not find out when she is born?  I also have to keep myself together until she gets here.  I will be going back to work (teaching) in a few weeks and do not want more bad news atm.  I have gotten a lot better on the emotional roller coaster.  I am not sure "accepted it" is the right term but it is something like that.

So as of right now I do not have any real new news.  Tomorrow I have a normal OB appointment with my dr in Amarillo.  I also have to do the hour glucose test and get a shot of Rhogam--because lucky me has O- blood.  I am praying I do not fail the hour glucose.  I did with my last baby and had to go for the 3 hour and is was miserable.

So we are leaving tomorrow for Austin, Houston, & Galveston.  We are going to make a little trip out of it and visit some family and friends.  I am pretty excited about that.  I will update as soon as I can after the 1st!

And for my prayer warriors that are praying for me and Sunni---THANK YOU!  I am beyond grateful.  I am on church prayer requests around Texas (I hear) and probably other states as well.  Thank You!  God is good and has already answered.  I also want to ask that you pray for 3 other babies as well that have already been born with CDH.  All 3 are several weeks old and can use your prayers!  I have been following their stories through their Momma's blogs and absolutely love them all.  Bonnie, Oliver, & Wyatt!
Thank You! <3

And here is a not so flattering picture at 27 weeks.......  (I think she is growing :)