Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Praise Report-4 Months!

Yes!  A praise report!  I have been waiting a LONG time to be able to write a true praise report.  Sunni has had a good WEEK!  Not just day---but week!  It is the first time in her life that she has had a good week.

She is still throwing up several times a day but that beats the 10+ that she was before!  She seems to be a lot happier and is throwing smiles out like crazy!  Hallelujah!

My parents came to Houston to visit Friday (Feb 1).  It was a great time for them to come because she was in a great mood, smiley, and having some of the best days of her life.  They enjoyed seeing her and I certainly enjoyed them.  I actually came home with them and now Shawn is on his way to Houston so he can visit with  Sunni and I can have boy time.

SO--As I wrote in the last blog we are just waiting on GJ tube surgery which could be in the time frame of February 11-March 17.  The reason a date it not set yet is because they are waiting on her Gtube to heal.  I will update as soon as I hear when the surgery might be.  I am SO ready for her to come home but so very scared and do not want to rush things.

The only real significant thing that is happening right now is feeds.  The doc wants to get her off TPN and lipids ASAP.  TPN has given Sunni the nutrition that she needs and has not been able to get with formula/breastmilk since she was born.  TPN also has negative effects on the body.  It can cause liver damage and other things that I started reading about and stopped because I did not want to freak myself out.    So right now she is on 14 ml's/hr and she needs to be on 24/hr before they can turn off the TPN.  They have been going up by one in the morning and another one at night (so 2 a day).  If all goes well and she is still tolerating going up she should be able to get to 24 by Monday.  I am so excited about this!  I can not wait to get rid of that yellow bag!

Today she is 4 months old!  Wow!  Where has the time gone?

She discovered her tongue!

Big smile!

Smilin' for her Nurses.

Chillin' in her Boppy

Attempting to make Handprints...

Hand Print or T-Rex?  LOL
We decided to go with feet instead.  Our awesome nurse Michelle made her this shirt--ruffles and all.  Michelle rocks!

Momma's Girl

They can NOT wait for their Sister to come home! :)


  1. This makes me smile!! So happy to hear how well Sunni is doing!!

  2. Whitney....
    A good week!! I am so pleased to read those words!! So pleased. I pray that Sunni 's health will only continue to thrive!! ;-D
    Four months old!! Now that is a milestone!! But, still. You have to wonder: Where does the time escape to? Happy four months, Sunni!! ;)
    My, what expressive eyes she has!! I love it!! ;-D
    Ha, ha!! Sunni's "handprint" does look like a T-Rex!! You should try it again!! ;)
    "Lucky". I love, love, love that shirt!! And just in time for St. Patrick's Day.... One of my favorite holidays!! ;-D
    I love the hand picture!! Precious!! ;)

  3. Yea! She is getting so big!
    Happy Four Months Sunni!!

  4. Whitney....
    Happy Valentine's Day!! ;-D