Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Busy Day

Do not fall out of your chair!  Yes, I am blogging two days in a row.  I had the time so I figured--what the heck?

Today Sunni has a very busy day!  First I got to change like 3 dirty diapers!  Every time I changed her it was not just wet but dirty!  Yay for #2!

Second we got LOTS of snuggle time in.  We got to give kisses and hugs (already converting her to Momma's girl).  She practiced tummy time and some different swaying movements.  I tried really hard at getting a smile but failed.  Since she got the NJ tube she really doesn't want anything to do with her mouth and movements make her gag-ugh!

Then she had musical therapy and physical therapy at the same time.  That really helped her with the PT since she was more focused on the music and interaction than she was the movements and exercise.  She does not really love to be bent and twisted all over so you can imagine what a help it is to have a distraction.

And last but certainly not least she got to leave her room today and it did not involve a trip to the OR!  Yay! It took a lot of work but thanks to her very awesome and adventurous nurse she went on her first wagon ride!!  She did not seem to mind it one way or the other but it was nice to get her out of the room.  Mommy might have had more fun than Sunni but that is ok!  She just looked around most of the time.  Sometimes she got a look of worry but for the most part she did really good.

GOOD NEWS for the day is they went up to 4cc/hr on her feeds.  (She is currently getting breast milk that I pumped back in October).  And the BAD NEWS is that she has had high blood pressure basically since the day she was born so they did a urinalysis and a kidney ultrasound today.  More than likely she will be put on a med for high blood pressure.  Bummer!  More meds.

I started the day by taking Shawn to the airport--so he is gone for 3 weeks.  Is it possible to miss him already?  He spoils me so much that I really do not know what to do on my own.  I have the best husband there is!

Tummy Time--Snugglin with Momma

The RT said she looked "Pudgy."  She took offense to that. lol

Musical & Physical Therapy Today

Wagon Ride!  1st time leaving my pod (other than OR time).


  1. Hooray for just-for-fun field trips!!! Seems like a happy day! Keep pooping, Sunni :-)

  2. Adorbs!!! Go Sunni!!

    Blaire's Mom