Saturday, January 5, 2013


Gastroparesis is a condition in which the muscles in your stomach don't function normally.  There is no cure.

First of all I will say that Sunni has not been diagnosed with this (yet).  I do feel that it's only a matter of time before we find out that this is the case.  Do I know what this means for Sunni long term? No. 

They have tried feeds over and over but it always results in one thing.  Throw up.  

On Dec 31st the started giving her Reglan and Erythromycin in hopes of helping gastric emptying.  Then they started clamping her gtube off and on. Throw up.  On the 3rd they started breastmilk for the first time. 1 cc per hour.  If you do not know what a cc is it is barely any! She threw up again.

On the 4th she had a stomach emptying test.  Annnnnd same result as always.  Nothing happened.  Except throw up.

So today she has been on a half cc per hour and has done pretty good.  Maybe the meds are working?

The purpose of this blog is to unite Sunni's awesome prayer warriors once again.  She has overcome many obstacles but this one is the one keeping her in the hospital. Eating and pooping are pretty important bodily functions.  I have faith that God will get her over this road bump as He has all the others.  Pray that Sunni's stomach starts emptying and the natural digestive process starts happening for our precious girl!

I am going back to Houston next week.  I am really missing her!  Shawn has been taking good care of her along with our awesome nurses.  As much as I love all the people we have met in Houston I am so ready to have my family back together where we belong in Fritch, TX!  Tomorrow she will be 3 months old!  92 days!

OH, and guess what!!? She has a PINK room to come home to and her bed is on its way!  

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  1. Praying constantly for sweet Sunni and for you as well. I know how it is to wait and wait and I can relate to you so much. Would love to see her room when her bed gets there! I am sure it is so cute!!