Saturday, December 1, 2012

8 Weeks Old

Sunni is 8 weeks old today!  Wow!  I think I say that every time but time flies even when you aren't having fun.

Miss Sunni has been on CPAP for 3 days now and might be OFF CPAP tomorrow.  Today she is on the lowest setting and has been doing great.  Tomorrow they are going to try nose cannulas.  That is just the normal nosed prongs you are used to seeing on patients that need more oxygen support.  I am excited about this!  2 weeks ago I would not have thought this to be possible. God has performed a miracle through Sunni!  We will get to see her little face better and hopefully she will not be as ticked about it as she is with cpap.  She really isn't enjoying her mask much and I can not say that I blame her!

So surgery is set for the 17th.  They know she has some sort of obstruction around the pylorus area.  They will have a better idea once they get in there.  Not having a definite answer or plan is worrisome to me but I have a lot of faith in these surgeons and doctors.  And I know God has His hand on Sunni and she will get through this.  Shawn and the boys are flying down here on the 14th so they will be here for her surgery!  Thank goodness!

I think through all the complications that Sunni has had in this process I sometimes forget to praise God and be thankful for the other things that have "gone right."  So today instead of praying for specific things I would just like to praise Him for the miracle he has given me, for Sunni's lungs to have made a complete turn around, and for her to have a normal functioning heart.  Thank you God for Sunni.  She completes our family and we love her to the moon and back!

If you have not already signed this....please do!  It only takes 2 minutes!  CDH research!

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  1. That amazing little girl must come from amazing people... She is a strong fighter. God thought you and your family were so special to entrust you with this angel. I have been following your story and it reminds me every day to praise the Lord for my life, the and the bad!!!! Go Sunni....I am a loving fan and follewer of your mommys loving words.