Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quick Update

Sorry for the delay in updates.  I am home now.  Shawn and I switched places so I could have a little break and spend some time with the boys while they are out of school.  I am without a computer and am not fond of typing on my ipad.  I asked Shawn to blog in my place but he says he cant.

So since the last blog not too much as happened; we are at another stand still.  Shortly after I blogged last they had to stop feeds because the food was all backing up and going out the g-tube.  The tube came out of her intestine and into the stomach.  The stomach does not know how to digest yet so the food was not going the right direction.  In other words she started throwing up.

They have tried a few things but to make a really long story short they are waiting two weeks and putting in a GJ tube.  It will go through the stomach and into the small intestine.  To read more about it go here.  We have to wait 2 weeks so the g tube has time to heal from the last surgery.

She is doing really well though.  Shawn has been working with her on physical therapy and getting a lot of snuggle time in.  I have just been attempting to get some order to my house and playing with the boys.  I planned on painting her room and getting it ready but I may leave that to Shawn.

If anything big happens between now and the time that I get back I will update.  If not I will probably not be updating til I get back to Houston. 

In the outfit that Mimi got me for Christmas!

AWESOME blankets that my nurse Michelle made me :)

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Sleeping Beauty

Beautiful Quilt from my Pre-K kids.  I LOOOVE it!

Some of the wallhangings I bought for Sunni's room

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  1. Your sweet Sunni is such a fighter! So excited to hear about everything good! Praying for more! :-) If you have any questions about g-tube stuff let me know!

    Blessings, Casey