Monday, December 3, 2012


Sunni is now off the vent, off cpap, and on high flow nose cannulas!  How exciting is that!!!?

Yesterday they put her on the high flow cannulas and she has done great!  Yesterday it was on 2 liters and today they weaned it down to 1.5 liters.  The stronger her lungs get the closer we get to having.....nothing!  Room air!  She is really doing a great job.  She has been happier for much longer periods of time and is off all pain medication.

For the first time today I feel like we really you do with a normal baby.   It was awesome.  I just love her sooo stinkin much!

There really is not a whole lot to report.  She still is not feeding, of course, so we are just hanging out til surgery on the 17th.  Not a lot will be happening til then (knock on wood).  We will just be weaning on the oxygen and getting lots of play time in.  Sunni and I are ready for the 14th so we can play with daddy and brothers, too!

Perry, our elf on the shelf has been checking in on Sunni too(with the help of her nurses--they rock)!  She has not been naughty though---he must just be just checkin' in to see if she is doing ok :)

Sweet Angel

Band-Aid Mess  12/3 
Snowflakes  12/2

Flying in via Hot Air Balloon! 12/1


  1. Go Sunni Go!!! She is doing great and she is just gorgeous... and so stylish :-)

  2. So thankful for all the answered prayers!!!! We're still praying! :-)