Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pregnant!--Its a GIRL!....?

I'm not really sure where to start this blog.  So maybe the first might just be a ramble.

I have two awesome little boys and an amazing husband.  We didn't feel quite complete as a family without a little girl.  We decided to try one more time for her.  I got pregnant in January 2012.  Immediately I started praying for a little girl.  I knew it wasn't up to me and that I would welcome another little boy with open arms just the same.  In fact, I was pretty sure it would be a boy because my family is full of them.

I had my first dr's appointment on spring break in March 2012.  They did a sono which showed I was due on October 18, 2012.  They scheduled the next sono for June 11.  It would be the full anatomy and gender screen.  March to June seemed like a lifetime.  I did not want to wait that long so we decided we would go to Stork Vision as soon as I turned 16 weeks for find out the sex of the baby.

May 9th finally came.  I was so nervous I thought I would throw up.  I even thought about cancelling the appointment.  I told Shawn he wasn't going to come in with me.  I didn't want anyone to see the disappointment I would have with boy news.  I feel ashamed that I thought that way and I tried really hard not to.  Shawn told me from the beginning that it was a girl.  And there was no doubt in Ryder's mind either.  The name Sunni came up in baby name ideas at the very beginning and ever since then Ryder was stuck on Sunni.  That made Cooper call her Sunni, which also had Shawn and I referring to the baby as Sunni.  This was well before we knew she was actually a girl.

So back to May 9th.  We went in the room and the lady looked at the boys and said "I bet you are hoping for a little girl."  I told her that was a good guess.  She told me that she was going to have to do some dr pictures first so it would be a few minutes before she looked to see what the baby was.  What seemed like FOREVER went by and in my head I remember thinking, "This lady is trying to find a gentle way to say, its a boy."  Finally she wrote on the screen "ITS A.......(paused) GIRL!" 

I felt a frog in my throat.  I thought I would cry, but I didn't.  Instead I ask her how sure she was.  She said she had been doing it for 10 years and had never been wrong and that she didn't plan on starting today.  I was SO happy yet unbelieving.

Over the next few weeks I started buying small things for Sunni like onesies and outfits and cute little shoes.  I dreamed about her nursery almost every night.  I searched bedding and crib sets for hours and hours and hours.  I wasn't sure what would be PERFECT for my little girl.  I started looking at boutiques on facebook every single day dreaming of what my Sunni would look like in one of those cute lace rompers one day.

I was not going to buy anything extravagant until AFTER June 11, the day of my next sonogram that would prove Sunni to be a girl.

I had decided I was going to sew ALL of her bedding, curtains, etc all by myself (although I have never sewed anything other than a pillow in home ec in the 7th grade).  I talked to my mom about how to do it and discussed my ideas with her the night before my sono.  That night I dreamed ALL night about sewing the stuff and what other colors I needed to add.  I could barely sleep because of this.  It was more of a stressful dream than a pleasant one.

I am not a super crafty person---and I don't have the first clue about girls.  I was never girly.  But I had plans to learn to sew everything from bedding to rompers.  To learn to make all the bows and jewelry those boutiques charge mega money for.  I was determined to conquer my uncraftiness.

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