Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chest Tube

Sunni had not really improved since Friday except they did up her drips so that she could rest a little more.  The surgeons decided that a chest tube was the best option since the fluid on her lungs was not getting better but showing a significant buildup.  The jp drain was not doing its job anymore.

So she had to have surgery #5 today, poor baby.  She is currently resting and still out of it from the anesthesia.  The chest tube is "doing its job" the nurse says.  I did not think it had drained a significant amount when I saw it (3cc).  I just hope that this works and no other measures have to be taken to get rid of this stubborn fluid that has put any kind of progress on hold for the past 2+ weeks. 

She has been super miserable this weekend and I have absolutely hated every minute of it for her.  I have faith that this week will hold better things for Little Miss Sunni.  :)

Happy 4 Weeks!

I am glad we got to hold her yesterday!  With the new chest tube it might be a while before the next time :/

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