Monday, November 26, 2012

Tomorrow is a BIG day!

Sunni is still being a little rock star.  She looks AWESOME!  Today they went down more on the morphine. So she is at 5 on morphine and 10 on versed.  We are slowly getting there!  Hopefully getting off the meds her bowels will wake up.

Tomorrow is a BIG day for Sunni.  They are going to take her off the vent and put her on cpap!  That means she will not have a big tube in her throat anymore!  We will be able to HEAR her for the first time!  I know it will be very hoarse at first and for a while--but I am SO ready to hear her cries and see those lips!  They think she will transition over really easy so I am hoping they are right--but there is always that chance she will not tolerate it.  I have a feeling she will do just fine :)

The doctor said that they will try giving her a tiny bit of breast milk 24 hours after she is extubated.  I am not sure that still stands though because they tried changing her repogle to gravity instead of suction today and she starting spitting up.  Spitting up is also a sign of withdrawal though.  Also they are ordering another upper GI test.  So I will not hold my breath on the feeding thing.

She is having an MRI/MRA/MRV right now as I type.  Hopefully it will be unchanged from the last one with the hematoma possibly going away.  The radiologist is reaaaallllyyy slow at reading MRI's so we may or may not get those results tomorrow.  I do not hold my breath for results anymore.

The doctor let me know that even though she looks amazing and has made a huge improvement to not think the battle is over.  He said that was a big hurdle but the major bump in the road will be feeding.  He said that most parents see what looks like a healthy baby and are ready to go home but feeding is frustrating and a long process.  In other words, we will not be home anytime soon.  I already knew that, thank goodness, from reading other CDH blogs.  Otherwise I would be one of those parents that he was talking about.

Today my super awesome cousin picked me up and treated me to a pedicure and massage.  It was awesome!  So shout out to Kim for being the best and getting me out of the hospital for a few hours and making my toes all pretty.  <3

I can not wait to report back tomorrow and let you all know how it goes!  Pray, pray, pray!


  1. Praying for Sunni's breath-day, Whitney. Take video. Such a profound day. Also praying that she will be able to tolerate feeds soon after extubation. Extra strength coming to you.