Saturday, November 24, 2012

Milestone Day--7 Weeks!

Today Sunni is 7 weeks old!  It is hard to believe we have been in NICU for 49 days.
4 BIG things happened today:

1.  She is now free of all chest tubes!!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!  (Please fluid, STAY AWAY!)
2.  She got to wear clothes for the first time today!  We barely got the outfit on her because it was newborn size and it was way too small.  I did not think she would be 7 weeks old before she got to wear clothes.  Oh well, that gives mommy something to go shop for :)
3.  She got a BIG girl bed!  In NICU you have to "earn" these beds.  That is what our nurse Michelle and I were talking about.  It is just a blue railed bed but I remember telling Shawn that first week that I couldn't wait for Sunni to have a blue bed--(means they are doing better).  She can regulate her own temperature and  is working on getting some of those tubes removed so she got one!
4.  Shawn and the boys went home today.  Shawn has to go back to work tomorrow night.  We are really fortunate that he was able to stay this long.  I got this! :-)

Sunni is still doing well.  She has made LEAPS and BOUNDS of progress in the last 8 days.  Since the minute after surgery last Friday (the 16th) she has steadily gotten better.  Even though there have been a few rough spots with the few docs we didnt care for---this hospital is exceptional.  I love ALL the nurses and the surgeons are excellent.  We have had THE BEST fellow doc there is.  And 3 of the 4 neonatologists we have had are wonderful.  I am very happy we chose to come to Houston.

We have at least 6 primary nurses that take care of Sunni and we love each of them.  They really love Sunni and take great care of her.  We know we can rest easy at night and leave during the day if needed and she will be in great hands.

Sunni is still where she was on drips on my previous blog.  She was getting a little agitated and showing some signs of withdrawal so they have let her "catch up" the last couple of days.  I bet they will start going down again on Monday.  She weighs 8lbs 4oz.  So she has lost about a lb of fluid, which is awesome.

They are trialing her on to the cpap setting twice a day this weekend with a goal to extubate sometime this next week if possible.  This is my ultimate goal.  I have never heard her cry.  Since she has been on the vent for 7 weeks she will probably not have much of a voice--but I cant wait to hear even the hoarse cry.  I also want to see those precious lips.  And most of all I want her to get off that vent and be able to do some breathing on her own.

She is still having bile and she is spitting up too, most likely due to the lowered drips and withdrawal.  She is still not feeding but I think it will be soon!  I am fixing to go on a crazy pumpfest to try and get my milk back---wish me luck!

That is really all.  Not a whole lot of changes since the last blog.  She is looking better and better everyday.  Shawn got to hold her yesterday and I held her twice today!  God is good!

Goodbye OLD bed!

Looks like the monkey is praying--but her nurse put him there for something for her to look at during her tummy time.

In Mommy's Arms :)

Some of Sunni's Fans

Big Girl Bed & Mobile! Yay

First Time in Clothes!!

Napping with Monkey on Thanksgiving

Aunt M'Liss loves me :)

Happy Thanksgiving :-)


  1. Hooray for a crib!!! It's funny how huge a milestone that is :-) Anything that looks "normal baby" is fantastic! So excited for Sunni's progress and always continued prayers for healing. Go Sunni Go!

  2. Oh my goodness I am rejoicing! Fight Sunni Fight! We are still praying for her sweet little body to get the rest it needs to heal without any more major setbacks! She is doing SO good!!

  3. Amen! Prayers continue from the Texas prayer warriors.

  4. Beautiful news, Whitney. So happy for your good news. So proud of you for holding up even though I know it's hard sending Shawn and the boys home. That extubation day... it's so unbelievably beautiful. Sending love and strength, CDH mama.