Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Sunni's nurses and the doc set two goals for her today:

1.  Come down on the Versed (for anxiety) and Morphine (for pain).
2.  Come down off the Vent and get on CPAP.

When we got to the hospital today they had already lowered both of those medications and she was wide eyed, awake, and doing really well.  So well that she seemed like a normal baby that lays there comfortably, alert, and reaching around.  I was SO happy.  It felt like such a relief to see her like that.  They said that if her gasses they took at 2 looked good they were going to switch over from the vent to cpap.  And they were.  The numbers were "beautiful."

The doc said that her numbers were so good she wanted to try her out on the nasal cannula and skip right over CPAP.  So we got our cameras out and were ready to see Miss Sunni's face/mouth for the first time.  We were SOO excited!  They extubated her (pulled the "straw" out of her throat) and put in the nose cannula.  Within less than a minute we knew that was not going to work.  She started having trouble breathing and looked really uncomfortable and just not herself.  She was very panicky.

They decided to go ahead and try the CPAP but she didn't improve and her heart rate was going down so they had to immediately intubate her again.  I was so scared because she looked so distressed.  They gave her some more Versed to calm her down and that worked pretty well but she was still not showing good vitals.  I got to hold her again to see if that would work.  45 more minutes of happiness!  It worked a little but she got restless again so they upped her Morphine.  Then she was able to rest.

That all really wore her out and she had to go back up on the vent and back up on the meds for the rest of the day (and was still up at 10 when we left).  I really despise this roller coaster that we are on.  It seems like  if you have a really good day that will only lead to something bad happening.  Ugh!  So frustrating.

When they took an X-Ray tonight to make sure the tube got put back in the right spot they found out the PICC line had shifted and was now in the wrong spot so it had to be readjusted.  Poor baby!  I wish daddy and I could take some of her pain.

 So that was today in the life of Sunni.  Started out a great day and ended up a step backwards.  Praying for a better day tomorrow!  Even though the extubating experience was terrifying for me---I loved seeing her face with no tape and no tubes.  She is just beautiful......

No Tape!  No Tubes!  Beautiful!

Sunni Nicole :)


  1. Sweet baby girl. And strong strong strong!!

  2. She was doing so good that they thought they could jump the gun...glad the got her fixed up...everyone is just going to have to be more patient, she will get there...and soon her and Hailey will be playing barbies together!!! <3 Stay strong, everyday is one day closer to bringing her home!