Sunday, October 28, 2012

Restful Weekend

Saturday & Sunday seem to be Sunni's rest days--mainly because the docs are off and do not want to push her while they are gone.  So I do not have any new updates really.  Her jp drain (chest tube of sorts) is still draining quite a bit daily.

Today some dr thought it'd be a good idea to turn her repogle (one of the tubes in her throat that suck bile and other gunk out) off of the suction setting and on "gravity flow" ie. no suction.  Shawn and I knew this was not a good call because she still has so much gunk coming out everyday.  We were right.  She spit up throughout the whole day.  This spit up is not your average spit up.  For one it is green and slimy but it also has to be squished out between all the tubes in her throat.  It takes about 15 seconds and you can see her whole body shaking, she turns really red, and it looks like she can not breathe.  It looks agonizing for her.  It breaks my heart!! I hate it!  After going through this all day the night nurse convinced that same dr to turn the suction back on!  Hallelujah!

Tonight I had to tell Sunni bye for a few days because I am flying back home to see my boys.  I was crying and praying nothing happens while I am gone.  I'm going to miss my sweet angel!

I will close on a few pictures from this weekend!.......

Sunni & Her Daddy :)

Sunni & Mommy

3 Weeks Old Today---2 Hour Hold

First Headband Pic....She was not sure what to think.

Lookin' Around

She loves sleeping with her knees bent like this....

Her new "Bootsies" as her brother calls them :) 
She is so stinkin' cute

Side Note:  We did Facetime with Cooper & Ryder today.  We do it at the hospital with the boys so that they can see Sunni.  Ryder asked to see Sunni's "bootsies."  I thought that was the cutest thing EVER!  lol  And Cooper tried correcting him and told him they are called booties but Ryder was not listening to that!

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  1. Hoping you have a wonderful time with your boys, and that Lil' Miss gets some good rest. Keep on keepin' on! Absolutely love the headband. :-)