Thursday, October 18, 2012

Discouraging Day

First thing this morning they had to move Sunni's PICC line from her arm to her leg because it had moved again and was causing irritation.  I really hope this one lasts longer than a day.

They had to add the tube back to her mouth that sucks junk out of her belly.  They had taken it out when she was extubated day before yesterday bc it was not getting much out. came back.

She has had a lot of fluid on her lungs and a lot more drainage from her chest tube than normal.   That was all enough to concern me this morning and then the doc told us her white blood count was high this morning which might be the sign of infection but they didn't want to give antibiotics just yet.  The reason being that she needed all the good bacteria in her body and they didn't want to kill it if not necessary....that's how I understood it anyway.  She is actually back up on meds and the vent because of this set back.  She was super uncomfortable all day.

Her X-Ray did not get any worse and her vitals along with her gasses were good so they are watching her closely for more signs of infection.  Please pray this is not the case!  They said the white blood cell count could be due to stress/pain.  I am very worried.  Of course the worrier and pessimist comes out in me.

No clothes today.... But soon!.....

12 Days Old


  1. Hang in there! There are bound to be many ups and downs on this journey..As for the gunky tummy, my cherub had trouble with that for quite awhile. They would feed him 2mls of breast milk, and then he would be backed up with bright green gunk for a day and a half. We played that game for probably a week, at least. Praying that her white count resolves and the doctors get this figured out ASAP.

  2. Oh I'm sorry, Whitney. Samuel did the sepsis thing three times and it always felt like a crushing setback. I hope that Sunni is clear of infection and that they can start weaning meds and vent settings. Sending strength to you on the worry train, Whitney. CDH mama hugs.

  3. Praying for Sunni and for you! It's so hard to keep your head up sometimes, but you are doing GREAT! Keep on truckin'.