Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Found it!

We found the cause of the high blood pressure!

We came in Tuesday morning with the news that the liquid coming from Sunni's chest tube showed signs of infection.  They went ahead and cultured it and her blood and started antibiotics.  In the meantime they rolled her on her left side and her chest tube (that had not been draining much the past couple days) started filling up and up again. That gave her immediate relief! Her color started coming back and her blood pressure went down -slowly- but was going down nonetheless. Hallelujah!  So now they believed she did NOT actually have an infection.

Wednesday morning (today) they told us she still has fluid in her chest cavity called a pleural effusion.  The liquid if chyle. Now the doctor and surgeon made it sound like no big it might go away on its own.  BUT good ol trusty google told me other things. And I follow a blog where another CDH baby had this problem and it wasn't such an easy fix.  I read that hospital stays are longer and oxygen days are longer when chyle shows up.  The weird thing is---- they want to try and do a low flow on the vent tomorrow to transition to CPAP.  Weird! Of course, this all worries me.  But her blood pressure is currently 85/47---much better!  She has been pretty comfortable today.

All my prayer warriors can specifically pray for chyle to say goodbye soon and on its own!! Ty Ty!

For everyone asking for our mailing address it is....

3318 La Salle
Houston,  TX. 77027

She kind of likes having socks on her hands-they stay warmer!

Hi daddy!

Sleeping Beauty :)


  1. Hooray! I am so glad that this mystery is solved! I know that Bonnie and Oliver both had issues with chyle but that doesn't mean Sunni will have the same road. And even if she does... those babies rocked it! :) I look forward to hearing how the low vent trial goes - very exciting!

    I hope you are able to breathe a little easier too, Whitney, having some answers about why Sunni has struggled a little extra the past while. Thanks for sharing your story and the photos. She is beautiful.

    Mama to Samuel, lcdh, Feb1/11

  2. Thank you Corinne! I know I just need patience. :)