Wednesday, October 17, 2012

11 Days Old--Rest

Sunni got to rest today!

X-Rays showed that she has quite a bit of fluid on her lungs so they gave her some Lasix to try and flush some of it out.  They have been sucking yuck out of her lungs all day.  They think this might have been the reason she was not able to transition to CPAP yesterday.  They decided to mostly let her rest today but they did go down on the narcotics a little bit.  They played with the vent settings a bit to make her more comfortable and to let her lungs expand a little bit. She had a really good day comfort wise and nothing major I would call it a good day!

When we first got there she was wide eyed, awake, and super alert.  Shawn got to hold her for 2 hours!!  She LOVED it (and so did he).  Her eyes are SO big and beautiful.  She had them as wide as they would go.  I've never seen anything more precious in my life.  And I got the pics to prove it..........

Big beautiful eyes.  So alert!

Looking at Daddy
The nurses told us that she could wear clothes if we wanted to bring be looking for that in the next couple days.   We actually got to go buy some today!  Yay!  I love pink.

Please keep praying for my Sunni girl.  Look how far they have got her!  Please pray for her lungs to clear up and be strong.  Also pray to keep infection away.  I know that is usually a really big deal for these babies in the hospital.  Thank you! :)

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