Monday, October 22, 2012

High Blood Pressure

Well we had a great weekend with no real changes (Saturday & Sunday).  She got to rest and we got to talk to her with her eyes open and alert.

Today has been a complete different story.  Her blood pressure is so high it is double what it should be.  I will just tell you now I know zilch about blood pressure or what any of the numbers mean.  As I am writing this it is 122 over 87.  The nurse said that might be what a pregnant woman might run.  I am just going to take her word for it.  So all day they have tried to figure out what has set her off.

They did an echo on her heart which came back fine.  Her heart is functioning properly but does have  fluid around it which they called pericardial effusion.  That word just sounded scary so I googled it.  Eeeek!  Note to self-- Probably shouldn't google everything.  They said they were not worried about it because it was about the same amount that was in the last echo which was right after coming off ECMO and so they can not correlate that with the sudden high BP.

She had a "Renal Ultrasound" done to check out her kidney function.  We have never heard the official results from that but the nurse suspects they did not see anything alarming

So the verdict before the day doctors left was that maybe it is pain related.  They went up
3 times on the morphine and versed today so they can try to keep her totally pain-free so they can rule out pain as a cause for the high BP. So she has been really out of it today.  Her eyes were rarely open but when they were she was just staring into space on not really her.  It's so heartbreaking to see her like that.

Shawn and I left to go eat while they did shift change and when we came back shoe was doing even worse.  They had to go up AGAIN on meds and she was super pale and just lifeless.  They ordered a chest X-Ray which showed her vent tube was pushed too far down so they had to pull it out a bit.  While her tape was off we got to snap a picture of her beautiful face.

I cant wait til we can see those lips everyday...

Please pray specifically for the doctors to find the cause of her high blood pressure and for it to be an easy "fix.".   Thank you my friends!

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